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Moulding Ferrite Magnet
The Ferrite Magnets including “Isotropic” and “Anisotropic” are sintered magnet with either by dry pressed or wet pressed. Tooling is always needed when pressed. The magnetization can be done by axially, radially, multi-poles axially, and multi-poles on circumference etc. Due to the low cost, medium power and productivity by mass production, so they are widely used in various industries for many different applications. We can say that the Ferrite magnets were most popular one in magnetic materials for past about 30 years.
SmCo Magnet
The Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) is one kind of powerful magnets, which is mainly made from Samarium and Cobalt alloy. With the high performance in both flux density and energy product, the SmCo magnets are widely used for many Hi-technology products. Meanwhile the High Curie Temperature and High Corrosion resistance are also two features of this magnet. However, due to high cost of raw material, some of SmCo magnets were replaced by sintered NdFeB magnets at the moment.
Rubber Magnet
Flexible Rubber Magnets are made of ferrite magnet powder or rare earth powder etc., compound with rubber, resin and other materials. Formed by extruding, injecting or calendaring, the rubber magnets have different shapes such as strip, sheet, or roll. Due to the rubber magnet is plasticity, so can be made with any shapes by pressing or cutting. And it is also very flexible, so can be coiled to 1/4'' radius without breaking. There are ''Isotropic'' and ''Anisotropic'' in the flexible rubber magnet. The Isotropic rubber magnet normally is to be magnetized with multi-poles magnetization on one side only and the Anisotropic one has magnetic on both sides. Based on customer's demend, the rubber magnets can be laminated by colorful P.V.C., adhesive tape or colorful printing. The attractive face is treated with UV coating which can project the products surface. We also can supply ''Magnetic Paper'' for A4 size, which made from rubber magnets and laser paper. The thickness just has 0.3mm which can be printed by any printing machine. Normal 0 0 2 false false false EN-US ZH-TW X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4

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